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Supply & installation of Skylights, Whirlybirds & Roof Insulation
providing environmental & energy efficient solutions to your home
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Skylights are an ideal way to add value to a home without spending large amounts of money and are a big asset for older homes that don’t receive a lot of natural light.
Save energy, money and help the environment with our range of natural lighting solutions for your home, or commercial building.

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Roof Ventilation and Whirlybirds work by extracting heated air from your ceiling space enabling it to be replaced with fresh air. Ventilators also extract moisture laden air ensuring that dampness isn’t trapped.
Installing a whirlybird will help prevent the build-up of mould and keep your home or building cool in summer.

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Home Insulation

Insulation acts as a barrier to heat loss and heat gain, particularly in roofs and ceilings, walls and floors.

In many homes insulation is the most practical and cost effective way to make a house more energy efficient, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter and saving up to 40 per cent in heating and cooling bills. In addition, insulation may reduce condensation in the home.

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